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Pool Repairs: Pool Liner Replacement, Pumps, Heaters, Filtration Systems and More.
We specialize in all types of pool repairs, from pool controls to pool liner replacement for vinyl pools. We have over 20 years of Atlanta pool repair experience. Our staff of experienced, knowledgeable technicians can make just about any pool repair necessary including pool pump repair and replacement, pool heaters pool filters and filtration systems. Offering Kennesaw pool service, Smyna pool service, based in Marietta. Here are some pool repairs we do every day. Call Us at 770-218-0953:
  1. Pool Leak Detection:
    Some leaks are obvious, like a rip in the pool liner. But other times, it can be a mystery. We detect and locate leaks with diagnostic equipment. A leak can be in the structure of the pool or in the plumbing.

    A leak can undermine the structure of the pool or deck, which can cause the pool to crack or the deck to settle. So be careful. Ignoring a leak can cause very expensive damage.

  2. Pool Liner Leak Repair:
    Once we find the leak, we can repair your pool liner. A leaking liner does not always need to be replaced. Often times a repair will extend the pool liner life by many years.

  3. Pool Liner Replacement:
    Pool liners wear out, dry out and sometimes need to be replaced. We repair and replace vinyl pool liners.  Choose your new pool liner replacement from our selection of beautiful pool liner patterns.

  4. Equipment Repair and Replacement:
    We can repair or replace pool pumps, pool heaters, filters and filtration systems, and control systems. We carry the top brands and will do the repairs right the first time.

  5. Resurfacing:
    If you see that the plaster surface on your gunite pool is wearing out, we can resurface it with white plaster or a pebble finish.

  6. Retiling:
    If tiles are falling off or you just want to remodel the pool, we can take care of it.

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